The Convenience

Once a Member, just sign up for the events you want to participate in, then just show up at the course the day of the event and play golf.  We take care of everything.

Tee times, pairings, handicapping, starting, rules officials, and scoring. Experience no more headaches trying to arrange a weekend game. We have a game for you four to five times a month, and the events are well organized and professionally run. We play a variety of events with much reward and return to the players. As a Tour member you can choose to play as often as you like. Choose from over 30 different tournaments to participate in. Make your own schedule to suit your needs. We have many enjoyable ways you can golf and compete with different players. For the more casual golfer, who wants to play a given course and take advantage of the guaranteed tee time and reduced green fee, but does not wish to compete in the tournament that week, there is the "Tourist" flight.  Members may also bring a Guest to play with.  They also receive the course discount and get to experience tournament golf first hand.

Compete as an Non-Amateur to win cash and prizes, or compete as an Amateur to win gift certificates and prizes.  We always maintain your Amateur status if you choose. 

You will not find better competitive golf for the average player anywhere else.