Who Plays on the PGT?

Pretty much ANYONE who wants to compete!

The PGT is open to any player who enjoys competivive golf and has an index between +1 and 30.  We are all average or regular golfers.  However, you only compete against players with a similar handicap and skill level in respective Flights.  Players with an index better than +1 are more suited to play in different gross tournaments or tours, and players over 30 should try to improve their game before joining us in order to be competitive.

Here are how many players registered and played in some past events.  Each of our events are Flighted to ensure fair competition.  There are usually between 15 and 25 players per Flight and we normally pay the top 25% in each.

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic, our 2020 season was a huge success.

2017 thru 2019 were record years for the PGT.  We had had the largest number of members, the most rounds played, and the largest payouts ever.  We averaged over 60 players per tournament with some selling out at 72 spots.
2015 had the most players win over $1000 in cash and prizes
2016 had the most players win more than $2000 in cash and prizes