2016 Tour Championship Results and money payouts from Oct 1 & 2 at Oakview and Butlers

We were working out some details so updates and results were delayed slightly as they are finalized.
We have been in contact with the USGA for their opinion and will be talking with all PGT Committee Members to iron out the situations in question.
OK, here we go....
All I can say is WOW!  Golf sure does make for some interesting situations.
And right on par, this weekend was full of unpredictable situations from weather to rules.  When it rains, it pours...literally.
I believe everyone at some point in their golf careers have been involved in a "crazy" situation and may or may not have been penalized as a result.
We learn from it, use it, and hopefully accept it to improve our game; not just our scores but the overall aspect of the game.
*The Rules of Golf consist of a standard set of regulations and proceedures by which the sport of golf is played along with prescribed penalties for a rules infraction.
*The Decisions on the Rules of Golf is a book published by the USGA and updated to clairify questions and situations raised by the Rules.
The PGT does not have the luxury of having full time trained USGA officials at our disposal and because of the way we run one and two day tournaments, decsisions are made as best we can under the rules as we can determine.
We must abide by all the rules and decisions, and while we may not have all the information on hand at any given time, and may even make an incorrect call, we strive to make decisions based on what we know at the time and fix anything we can fix based on the final information learned.  It is a learning experience and we need to maintain our integrity.  Bottom line is it is all in place to "protect the Field".
Anyway, at the end of the day, I hope we can all look at the totality of circumstances, learn from our mistakes and experiences, take it with a grain of salt, and not let anything severely or negatively impact our lives.
With that said, the following information was determined and we reached out to the USGA for their opinion and guidance.
The main situation at hand was due to severe inclement weather toward the end of the day, then playable/unplayable conditions afterwards, and the appraoch of darkness for some of the final groups of the day on the final few holes, and should the 36 hole tournament be scored as it was played or should it be reduced by a certain number of holes that were played in questionable conditions.  No one player or any actions influenced the way things played out.  It was simply an interpretation of the rules.  After a lengthy discussion on how to proceed, and so many variables which led to the interpretation of the rules by the Committee (of which may or may not have been correct at the time based on the information at hand), it was determined to contact the USGA for guidance and their opinion.  The USGA got back to us today and made the following opinion....
Had their been a USGA official on scene, play would have been suspended based on course conditions after the rain delay.  Although continuing play was not recommended by the USGA, the call by players and/or committee representatives to continue to play was allowed by the rules of golf and all 18 hole scores should stand as is.
After the round was completed, we are not permitted to retroactively change the outcome of that round.  
The PGT Committee members agreed to follow the USGA opinion.  We'll put some additional information on the Bulletin Board about the situation with the specific rule numbers and decisions so everyone can see how this is the correct and fair outcome.  Next season we will strive to have the Tour Championship on the same course for both days in order to make a similar situation easier to resolve.
Thanks for your patience and we appologize for the inconvenience and if it affected anyone more than another.

Day 1 of Tour Championship (alll players single day side tournament and skins)
Oakview Golf Club--par 70

Flight A
Single Day Payout---$200--$150--$100--$60
Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Daily Payout
Keith Graboski--67 (64)--$200
Dale Rusnak--76 (69)--$150
Dave Paulik--77 (70)--$100
Mike Sliman--73--(71)--$20
Steve Kohman--75--(71)--$20
Jim Tinkey--78--(71)--$20

Flight B
Single Day Payout---$210--$160--$105--$75
Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Daily Payout
Tom Cherny--79 (67)--$210
Dan Rieg--81 (70)--$160
Dennis Henry--84 (71)--$90
Dave King--81 (71)--$90


Flight C
Single Day Payout---$200--$150--$100--$60
Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Daily Payout
James Jenko--84 (68)--$200
Ed Orr--87 (70)--$125
Bernie Bible--91 (70)--$125
Dan Kestner--91 (73)--$30
Dave McCutcheon--92 (73)--$30

Flight A Gross and Net Skins -- 14 at $22 each 
4--Keith Graboski--$88
2--Ron Mutinelli--$44
2--Drew Evanoka--$44
1--Shawn Roche--$22  
3--Warren Clark--$66  
2--Jim Tinkey--$44

Flight B Gross and Net Skins -- 12 at $32 each  
2--Dan Rieg--$64
2--Tom Cherny--$64
2--Cody Markovich--$64
2--Garland Saxe--$64  
2--Joe Fedor--$64  
2--Dennis Henry--$64
Flight C Gross and Net Skins -- 13 at $28 each
2--John Johnson--$56
2--James Jenko--$56
2--Dave Jenkins--$56  
2--Mike Vona--$56  
4--Dan Kestner--$112  
1--Bernie Bible--$28

Closest to the Pin 
#4--Flight A--Shawn Roche--$35
#4--Flight B--Mike Kobulnicky--$40
#4--Flight C--Mike Vona--$35
#11--Flight A--Anthony Brovey--$35
#11--Flight B--Dave King--$40
#11--Flight C--Bernie Bible--$35 

Day 2 of Tour Championship (all players single day side tournament and skins)
Butlers Lakeside--par 72

Flight A
Single Day Payout---$200--$150--$100--$60
Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Daily Payout
Dale Rusnak--76 (69)--$200 **won on card-off
Gary Degnan--76 (69)--$125

Mike Sliman--73--(69)--$125
Anthony Brovey--74--(70)--$30
Dave Zamperini--75--(70)--$30

Flight B
Single Day Payout---$210--$160--$105--$75
Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Daily Payout
Matt Pinchok--81 (68)--$210
Dan Rieg--80 (69)--$85
Frank Pinto--80 (69)--$85
Rob Daum--80 (69)--$85
Mike Kobulnicky--81 (69)--$85


Flight C
Single Day Payout---$200--$150--$100--$60
Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Daily Payout
Terje Rogne--84 (69)--$200
Bernie Bible--87 (70)--$150
Red Smith--85 (71)--$100
Dan Kestner--90 (72)--$30
Dave McCutcheon--89 (72)--$30

Flight A Gross and Net Skins -- 11 at $29 each 
2--Anthony Brovey--$58
2--Steve Kohman--$58
2--Bill Zaleta--$58
1--Larry Kern--$29
2--Gary Degnan--$58
2--Dave Paulik--$58

Flight B Gross and Net Skins -- 10 at $38 each  
2--Joe Pici--$76
4--Orrie Rockwell--$152
2--Mike Kobulnicky--$76
2--Chris Caputo--$76
Flight C Gross and Net Skins -- 8 at $45 each
2--Red Smith--$90
2--Don Keller--$90
2--Eric Yandrich--$90
2--Bernie Bible--$90
Closest to the Pin 
#11--Flight A--Gary Degnan--$35
#11--Flight B--Bill Seibel--$40
#11--Flight C--Dave Jenkins--$35
#13--Flight A--Drew Evanoka--$35
#13--Flight B--Rob Daum--$40
#13--Flight C--Dave Jenkins--$35 

Tour Championship FINAL
Oakview Golf Club and Butlers Lakeside combined 36 hole--par 142
*qualified players only

Flight A
Player--(Net Score)--Daily Payout
Keith Graboski--(136)--$560
Dale Rusnak--(138)--$420  
Mike Sliman--(140)--$310  
Anthony Brovey--(142)--$180
Steve Kohman--(142)--$180  
Dave Zamperini--(143)--$55  
Dave Paulik--(143)--$55

Flight B
Player--(Net Score)--Daily Payout
Dan Rieg--161 (139)--$540
Mike Kobulnicky--(143)--$360  
Dave King--(143)--$360  
Matt Pinchok--(145)--$210  
Bill Byerly--(146)--$120  
Rob Daum--(146)--$120


Flight C
Player--(Net Score)--Daily Payout
Bernie Bible--(140)--$550
James Jenko--(141)--$415  
Dan Kestner--(145)--$265  
Dave McCutcheon--(145)--$265  
Ed Orr--(147)--$160  
Red Smith--(148)--$75 
Terje Rogne--(148)--$75  
Elmer Beatty--(148)--$75

          POY PCS
Player   Gross Hcpe Net Points Points
Keith Graboski PCS 144 8 136 480 480
Tom Cherny   161 24 137 420  
Dale Rusnak PCS 152 14 138 390 420
Dan Rieg PCS 161 22 139 372 390
Michael Sliman PCS 146 6 140 354 372
Bernie Bible   178 38 140 354  
James Jenko   173 32 141 336  
Steve Kohman PCS 152 10 142 318 354
Anthony Brovey PCS 150 8 142 318 354
David King PCS 165 22 143 282 318
Dave Zamperini PCS 153 10 143 282 318
Mike Kobulnicky PCS 165 22 143 282 318
Dave Paulik PCS 157 14 143 282 318
Drew Evanoka PCS 156 12 144 252 288
Matt Pinchok PCS 171 26 145 228 270
Dan Kestner PCS 181 36 145 228 270
Dave McCutcheon   181 36 145 228  
Robert Wright PCS 156 10 146 180 240
Bill Byerly PCS 164 18 146 180 240
Robbie Daum PCS 165 19 146 180 240
Frank Pinto   168 22 146 180  
Larry Kern   157 11 146 180  
William Zaleta PCS 157 10 147 138 210
Ed Orr PCS 181 34 147 138 210
Elmer Beatty PCS 177 29 148 30 186
Jeff Bobish PCS 165 17 148 30 186
Terje Rogne   177 29 148 30  
Red Smith   176 28 148 30  
Ron Mutinelli PCS 158 9 149 0 168
Dennis Henry   172 23 149 0  
John Glomb PCS 181 31 150 0 150
Warren Clark PCS 167 17 150 0 150
Dennis Beck PCS 191 40 151 0 126
Chris Caputo PCS 171 20 151 0 126
Mike Sobocinski   182 31 151 0  
Shawn Roche PCS 164 12 152 0 0
Joe Pici PCS 170 17 153 0 0
Nick Rotunda PCS 177 22 155 0 0
David Jenkins   187 32 155 0  
Joe Fedor   182 27 155 0  
William Seibel   175 18 157 0  
Richard Saxe PCS 183 25 158 0 0
Eric Yandrich PCS 189 31 158 0 0
Thomas Rezak PCS 176 18 158 0 0
Darren Wagman PCS 175 15 160 0 0
Don Keller PCS 190 29 161 0 0
Mike Vona PCS 195 34 161 0 0
John Ramsbotham PCS 172 10 162 0 0
Garland Saxe PCS 185 21 164 0 0
Bruce Jackson PCS 218 53 165 0 0
John Johnson PCS X 28 X 0 0
Jim Tinkey PCS X 15 X 0 0
Cody Markovich   X 25 X 0  
Mike Kurpiewski PCS X 29 X 0 0
Brooks Hays PCS X 21 X 0 0