The Lake Club Results---Sunday Oct 20, 2019

We couldn't wish for a better day on the course in October.  In fact yesterday was one of the best days to play all year, and we enjoyed a beautiful club.  All groups finished in under 4 hours 23 min.  
This was a post season event and no points are assigned.  Congratulations to Drew Evanoka who wins Player of the Year (points calculated thru the Sunnehanna CC tournament and will be posted on the Leader Board page)
See below for score sheet images.
The Lake Club--Results and Payouts
(all indexes are course handicapped based on tees played)
Tees played (NOTE: the score cards used at the course were old cards and did not have the correct and updated course information) 
The following is correct and what was used for the tournament
Par 70
Blue tees--71.3/121 @ 6550 yards--option for players with index below 10.5
White tees--69.2/116 @ 6050 yards--default tees for all players
Gold tees--68.2/113 @ 5750 yards--players who have petitioned the Handicap Committee
Red tees--69.1/116 @ 5050 yards--Ladies
Congratulations to all the winners at The Lake Club.

Flight 1 Payouts---$210-$140-$100
 Position--Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Actual Payout
1st--Mike Sliman--67 (65)--$210
2nd--Drew Evanoka--74 (69)--$140
3rd--Jeff Ludwig--77 (71)--$100

Flight 2 Payouts ---$200-$130-$90
  Position--Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Actual Payout
1st--Ed Orr--86 (66)--$200
T2--Elmer Beatty--88 (67)--$110
T2--Dennis Beck--94 (67)--$110


Flight 1 Gross and Net Skins --  10 at $48 each 
# of skins won--Player--Total amount won 
4--Mike Sliman--$192   
1--Tom Cherny--$48
2--Jim Tinkey--$96
1--Ion Anderson--$48 
1--Dave Zamperini--$48
1--Bob Kuenzig--$48
 Flight 2 Gross and Net Skins -- 12 at $38 each 
# of skins won--Player--Total amount won
2--Dan Rieg--$76 
1--Jim Frantti--$38
2--Dave King--$76 
2--Red Smith--$76
2--Bernie Bible--$76
1--Dennis Beck--$38 
2--Elmer Beatty--$76
 Closest to the Pin: 
Hole--Flight--Player--Amount Won 
CTP#5--Flight 1 -- Mike Sliman--$65
CTP#5--Flight 2 -- Bernie Bible--$60
CTP#11--Flight 1 -- Mike Sliman--$65
CTP#11--Flight 2 -- Dan Rieg--$60
CTP#17--All Flight -- Dave Zamperini--Shirt, hat, towel, doz balls
2 Player Score Competition: $440 pot with 44 different combinations
Rules: This is an optional side game at $10 per combination entry.  Any player can pick any other player.  You are simply using two net scores.  3 combinations max per paying player.  No more than 2 player combinations from a single flight.  Must use your net score and another players net score for your total.  The paying player picking their two scores is paid.
Combined Score--Winning Player--Actual Payout--Scores used
133--Ed Orr--$240--(used Orr 66 + Beatty 67) 
134--Dan Kestner--$200--(used Kestner 68 + Orr 66)