PGT at Birdsfoot, SATURDAY April 15---PCS Tournament #3 (

SATURDAY tee times start at 9:42
Format: Modified Stableford Scoring 
Local rules will be in place if needed and all players MUST be aware prior to their tee time.  They will be posted at registration table and with our starter.
REMINDER---do not call PGT the morning of the tournament unless there is an emergency (we are too busy setting up and registering the players).  Call the course for directions, course conditions, frost delays, cart-path-only, locust swarms, etc.  For all tournaments, if the course is open, we play as scheduled.  Make sure you arrive early enough to register and warm up as needed and be ready for your group to be called to tee 10 minutes before scheduled tee time.  There is always the possibility of tee time and pairing adjustments as needed.
See below for specific groups. 
PCS and Official Tournament #3
Birdsfoot, par 72 
225 Furnace Run Rd, Freeport PA 16229
Format: Modified Stableford Scoring
Points--Net Score to par
8------double eagle
0------double bogey or worse (pick up and move on)
$95 entry fee includes green fees, cart, taxes, prize purse, admin fee, and extra Tour Championship fund fee.
    Optional side games include...
$10--CTP's (on 3 par 3's for each Flight)
$25--Flight skins (Gross and Net)
$50--PCS.  This is an optional one time only fee for Year Long full field competition.  Refer to the top of web site "About the PGT" tab then "New Committee Decision" and "Scoring System" pages for all details
There will be 2 Flights based on final number of players and index ranges.
Flight 1--index range 0.0-10--26 players---payouts $320-$235-$165-$135-$100-$75
Flight 2--index range 10.1-up--26 players--payouts $320-$235-$165-$135-$100-$75
*Note: Rating, slope, and yardages may be slightly adjusted.  Your index will be course adjusted based on final rating and slope to determine tournament handicap.   
Gold tees--74.4/137 at 7044 yards--Option for players with single digit Index only (+4 strokes)
Black tees--72.8/136 at 6703 yards--Option for players with less than 12.9 Index (+2 strokes)
Blue tees--70.6/128 at 6106 yards--DEFAULT TEES FOR ALL FLIGHTS(---------)
White tees--69.2/125 at 5611 yards--players who have petitioned the Handicap Committee (-1 strokes)
Red tees--68.8/125 at 4800 yards--Ladies
Starters--King, Kestner and Course Staff
FINAL Tee Times & Pairings for BIRDSFOOT 4-15-17---
Group #1 -- @9:42 -- (1)RAMSBOTHAM--(1)CAPUTO--(1)GARCIA--(1)SKOPINSKI
Group #2 -- @9:50 -- (1)GRAFF--(1)ROCHE--(1)KERN--(1)TINKEY
Group #3 -- @9:58 -- (1)WRIGHT--(1)PICI--(1)FETTERMAN--(1)RUSNAK
Group #4 -- @10:06 -- (2)HENNON--(2)SOMPLATSKY--(2)KURPIEWSKI--(2)JeffJENKINS
Group #5 -- @10:14-- (2)GLOMB--(2)JENKO--(2)YANDRICH--(2)CHERNY
Group #6 -- @10:22-- (1)KOBULNICKY--(2)STEVENS--(1)EVANOKA--(2)OLANDER
Group #7 -- @10:30 -- (1)BROVEY--(2)SMITH--(2)ORR--(2)HENRY
Group #8 -- @10:38 -- (1)SLIMAN--(2)ROTUNDA--(1)LANDER--(1)LUTES
Group #9 -- @10:46 -- (2)SCHEMM--(2)MARKOVICH--(1)CROMIE--(2)VONA
Group #10 -- @10:54 -- (1)ROCKWELL--(1)PAULIK--(2)FEDOR--(2)JACKSON
Group #11 -- @11:02 -- (1)KING--(1)ZAMPERINI--(1)COSBAN--(1)REZAK 
Group #12 -- @11:10 --  (2)JOHNSON--(2)WILKINS--(2)KESTNER--(2)LAMONT
Group #13 -- @11:18 -- (2)FRANTTI--(2)DICKSON--(2)KUENZIG--(1)RIEG
Group #14 -- @11:26 -- if needed