PGT at Willowbrook CC, Sunday May 21---PCS Tournament #7 and WAC qualifier #1

PCS Tournament #7 and PGT WAC qualifier #1
Willowbrook Country Club, par 72
Sunday tee times start at 10:55 am
Check all final details on the "Tee Times & pairings" page later this week.
When registering, all players may select "PAY AT THE DOOR" unless you want to mail in a check or call in a credit card number.
Format: 18 hole individual NET stroke play
$115 entry fee includes green fees, cart, taxes, daily flight prize purse, taxes, admin fee, and TC fee.
$25--Optional Flight skins (Gross and Net)
$10--Optional CTP's (2 flighted and 1 all flight)
$25--Refundable deposit to play for WAC prizes (If you participate in the World Am, you will be refunded the $25 fee whether you win a prize or not)
This is still a regular tournament open to anyone, and the deposit is only for those players who want to play for one of the prizes.
World Am prizes awarded to top 9 low net players from all three PGT WAC qualifiers (54 hole total).....

1st—Entry fee and week Hotel stay at Sheraton Conv Center

2nd—Entry fee + merchandise

3rd—Entry fee + merchandise

4th—Entry fee + merchandise

5th—Entry fee

6th—$400 off

7th—$300 off

8th—$200 off

9th—$100 off

Even if you have already registered and paid for the World Am and you win one of these prizes, you will be reimbursed. After May 18 you may register for the World am using promo code "PGT18" for a $50 discount.

*REMINDER that in order to qualify to win one of the above prizes, players must compete in at least 3 non PGT WAC qualifier tournaments this season prior to the WAC final*

Flight index range and tees may vary based on final number of players.
Flight A--Index range 0.0-6.4----23 players, 1 guest
Flight B--Index range 6.5--11.5--20 players
Flight C--Index range 11.6--up---19 players
*Note: Rating, slope, and yardages may be slightly adjusted. Your index will be course adjusted based on final rating and slope to determine tournament handicap.
Black tees--72.9/135 at 6671 yards--option for players with 12.9 index or less
Blue tees--71.9/134 at 6328 yards--default tees for all players
White tees--69.8/129 at 5880 yards--players who have petitioned the Handicap Committee
Red tees--71.1/123 at 5159 yards--Ladies
FINAL Tee Times & Pairings for WILLOWBROOK CC 5-21-17
Group #1 -- @10:52 -- (A)RAMSBOTHAM--(A)POOLE--(A)BROVEY--(A)CHAPMAN
Group #2 -- @11:00 -- (B)TINKEY--(A)SCHADE--(B)FISCHER--(C)BOLTON 
Group #3 -- @11:08 -- (C)SOMPLATSKY--(C)GLOMB--(C)BEATTY--(C)ORR
Group #4 -- @11:16 -- (A)ORLOSKI--(A)ROCHE--(A)SKOPINSKI--(A)SLIMAN
Group #5 -- @11:24-- (C)BECK--(C)HENNON--(C)BIBLE
Group #6 -- @11:32-- (A)RUSNAK--(B)LUTES--(A)BYERLY--(B)CraigSMITH
Group #7 -- @11:40 -- (A)GRABOSKI--(A)BRETH--(A)WRIGHT--(A)GREBOSKY
Group #9 -- @11:56 -- (A)EVANOKA--(A)ZALETA--(A)GRAFF--(B)CAPUTO
Group #10 -- @12:04 -- (C)BEMIS--(C)HARTUPEE--(B)KNOBLAUH--(B)CROMIE
Group #11 -- @12:12 -- (B)POWER--(C)STROM--(C)VONA--(B)CHERNY
Group #12 -- @12:20 --  (A)PICI--(A)STANICH--(B)OLANDER--(B)HAYS
Group #13 -- @12:28 -- (B)KOBULNICKY--(B)ROCKWELL--(B)DAUM--(B)PROCH
Group #14 -- @12:36 -- (B)PAULIK--(B)PINCHOK--(C)SOBOCINSKI--(C)JACKSON
Group #15 -- @12:44 -- (B)FENNEY--(B)JENKINS--(C)EZICK
Group #16 -- @12:52 -- (C)BURKE--(C)YANDRICH--(C)KESTNER--(C)JOHNSON
Group #17 -- @1:00 --