PGT at Quicksilver, SATURDAY Sept 28, 2019--Tour Championship Day 1

SATURDAY tee times start at 9:30 am 
REGISTRATION table opens at 9am and will be located on the top floor bar banquet area (not the normal area near #10tee)
 Quicksilver Golf Club, par 72
 The course still has alot of work being done as a result of a big storm this summer and there was no way to change the venue for the TC.
  There is ground under repair in many spots, trees removed, and some bunkers have been removed and some added.
  All information and notices will be made available at registration and starting area.

See below for specific groups to be finalized Friday morning.
REMINDER---do not call PGT the morning of the tournament unless there is an emergency (we are too busy setting up and registering the players).  Call the course for directions, course conditions, frost delays, cart-path-only, locust swarms, etc.  For all tournaments, if the course is open, we play as scheduled and you are obligated to pay the entry fee if you are registered.  Make sure you arrive early enough to sign in and warm up as needed and be ready for your group to be called to tee 10 minutes before scheduled tee time.  There is always the possibility of tee time and pairing adjustments as needed.
Format: 18 hole individual net stroke play both days
Local rules will be in place and all players MUST be aware prior to their tee time.  They will be posted at registration table and with our starter.
$110 entry fee each day (this is for single day players only, either non qualified players or those only wanting to play each day individually) includes green fee, cart, taxes, fees, and daily prize purse
$195 TC entry fee includes green fee, cart, taxes, fees, and daily prize purses (TOTAL for BOTH days to be paid on Saturday if you are in for the 36 hole score TC).  This is for the two day Tour Championship players.  (see Sunday Tee Times & Pairings page for all details on Sunday round).  The extra big TC prize purse will be distributed to the top players in each flight based on 36 hole net score.
$25--Optional Flight skins (Gross and Net) each day
Flight index range may vary based on final number of players. 
Your GHIN trend index, PGT index, or T index on Friday will be used to determine your course adjusted handicap to be used both Saturday and Sunday
Flight A--Index range 2.0-8.0----- 18 players
Flight B--Index range 8.1--13.2--- 19 players
Flight C--Index range 13.3--up---- 18 players
Saturday and Sunday rounds will have separate payouts.  The top low 36 hole players qualified for Tour Championship get a share of the additional TC pot of $2500.
Two day Flight champions also get a personalized crystal trophy.
*Note: Rating, slope, and yardages may be slightly adjusted. Your index will be course adjusted based on final rating and slope to determine tournament handicap.
Black tees--74.6/137 @ 6900 yards--option for players with 10.5 index or less
White tees--72.6/132 @ 6500 yards--default tees for all players
*Gold tees--68.9/124 @ 5850 yards--players who have petitioned the Handicap Committee
*Red tees--70.6/123 @ 5150 yards--Ladies
*(red and gold tees are being adjusted back slightly from what score card shows and rating/slope increased)
Tee Times & Pairings for Quicksilver 9-28-19......SATURDAY

NOTE--Sunday tee times AND PAIRINGS will be made after day 1 because players will be paired based on day 1 rank and leaders of each flight will be paired together last. 
True playoff as needed if there are 1st place ties in flights.

Group #1 -- @9:30 -- HETRICK(C)--OLANDER(B)--GRABOSKI(A)--PICI(A)
Group #2 -- @9:38 -- RAMSBOTHAM(B)--KURPIEWSKI(C)--PAULIK(B)--WAI(C)
Group #3 -- @9:46 -- ZAMPERINI(A)--CHERNY(A)--TINKEY(B)--EVANOKA(A)
Group #4 -- @9:54 -- PHILLIPS(A)--EZICK(B)--STEVENS(B) 
Group #6 -- @10:10-- CAPUTO(B)--PULASKI(B)--GLOMB(C)--JENKINS(C) 
Group #7 -- @10:18-- McCLYMONDS(B)--DiMARTINO(C)--BOLTON(C)
Group #8 -- @10:26 -- BOLTON(C)--SOBOCINSKI(C)--STROM(C)--McCLYMONDS(C)
Group #9 -- @10:34 -- KING(B)--ORR(C)--BEATTY(C)
Group #10 -- @10:42 -- SCHADE(A)--KOHMAN(A)--RUSNAK(A)--aJOHNSON(B)
Group #11 -- @10:50 -- BIBLE(C)--BECK(C)--YANDRICH(C)
Group #12 -- @10:58 -- SLIMAN(A)--DAUM(A)--WILKINS(B)
Group #13 -- @11:06 -- LUDWIG(A)--HALLSTROM(A)--ANDERSON(B)--REZAK(A)
Group #14 -- @11:36 -- KESTNER(C)--redSMITH(C)--jjJOHNSON(B)--FEDOR(B)
Group #15 -- @11:44 -- GOSTIC(B)--FENNEY(B)--ZALETA(A)--RIEG(B)