2019 National Tour Challenge (NTC)--November 6-11

The following link will show you your group and starting time for day 1 (Friday) and day 2 (Saturday) and all information about the event.
It is listed on the Boston TOUR website.  
In order to have all tours involved, the following are duties each tour is responsible for.  Remember that the NTC is a combination of how each of our tours operate so it will be a slightly different organization overall.  
Rules and formats are voted on, and if an issue comes up, each tour is advised and we vote to come up with the best solution.
Boston in charge of tee times, handicaps, pairings, and posting results.
PGT is responsible for initial course/schedule for following years, starting, and scoring each day (we can always use a few of us to lend a hand each day if you are available).
Chicago is in charge of registration and score cards.
Atlanta is in charge of final course contracts and finances.


Tournament Schedule:

Friday 11/8: Disney's Magnolia 7-8:57 a.m. Split tee. 

Saturday 11/9: Orange County National Crooked Cat 7:30-9:15 a.m. Split tee. Lunch provided.

Sunday 11/10: Eagle Creek 8:00 a.m. Shotgun with awards banquet after.

Sunday tee times and pairings will be made after Day 2 based on flight leaders.

Practice rounds are being organized for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, as well as for those staying after for Monday and Tuesday.
The big day is on Thursday when all PGT participants are playing.  We will have skins, pins, and net score games each day.
Green fees are discounted and to be paid by the players for any practice round.
Contact Dan Kestner for all details, and look on the Bulletin Board page.