PGT at Totteridge, SATURDAY Sept 30, 2023--PCS Tournament #20 and Day 1 of Tour Championship

SATURDAY 10am tee times for Day 1 of Tour Championship.
See Sunday Tee Times & Pairings page for all details on Sunday round (will be posted here after Saturdays round). 
Sunday Day 2 tee times also at Totteridge start at 11am. 
Pairings will be based on day 1 standings.
Payouts will be as follows....
Top flight places for Saturday 
Skins for Saturday
Top flight places for Sunday
Skins for Sunday
Top flight places for 36 hole totals to qualified players
Crystal trophy for each qualified flight winner
Bonus money to top qualified players in each flight based on 36 hole score.
Format: 18 hole individual net stroke play both days
NOTE: you must sign up for each day individually. 
You can decide at the registration table what you want to play for each day separately and/or the 36 hole tournament if qualified.
Single day players only, either non qualified players or those only wanting to play each day individually.
$130 entry fee includes green fee, cart, taxes, fees, and daily prize purse
$30--Optional Flight skins (Gross and Net)
Qualified Tour Championship players.
$240 entry fee includes green fee, cart, taxes, fees, and 36 hole prize purse (TOTAL for BOTH days to be paid on Saturday if you are in for the 36 hole score TC). 
$30--Optional Saturday individual tournament
$30--Optional Flight skins (Gross and Net) 
Flight handicap range may vary based on final number of players.
Your PGT index Friday will be used to determine your course adjusted handicap to be used both Saturday and Sunday.  See below for course handicap.
*Note: Rating, slope, and yardages may be slightly adjusted. Your index will be course adjusted based on final rating and slope to determine tournament handicap.
PGT yellow tournament tee--72.6/132 @ 6500 yards--default tees for all players
PGT teal tournament tee--70.2/128 @ 6150 yards--players authorized by the Handicap Committee
Tee Times & Pairings for Saturday---All will be finalized Friday afternoon and the following may still need to be changed.  Nothing is final until listed as final.
Some adjustments may always need to be made.
Group #1 -- @10:00 -- (B)RAMSBOTHAM--(B)KOBULNICKY--(C)SMITH--(C)WEIR
Group #2 -- @10:10 -- (A)ZAMPERINI--(A)SLIMAN--(A)BYERLY--(A)BROVEY
Group #3 -- @10:20 -- (A)ROCKWELL--(A)POHLEY--(A)TUTHILL--(A)SABOL
Group #4 -- @10:30 -- (C)YANDRICH--(C)KELLER--(C)SINGH
Group #5 -- @10:40--  (B)EZICK--(A)MURTHY--(B)OLANDER--(B)TINKEY
Group #6 -- @10:50--  (B)DAUM--(A)EVANOKA--(A)MUTINELLI--(A)PICI
Group #7 -- @11:00 -- (C)KING--(B)KURPIEWSKI--(C)BRYANT--(B)FRANTTI
Group #8 -- @11:10 -- (A)AUTEN--(A)McFADDEN--(A)PULASKI--(A)aJOHNSON
Group #9 -- @11:20 -- (C)GLOMB--(C)STEVENS--(C)CLEMENS--(C)KAMINSKAS
Group #10 -- @11:30 -- (B)REZAK--(C)SCHUTTE--(B)CHERNY--(C)jJOHNSON
Group #11 -- @11:40 --  (C)ORR--(C)MANDALAY--(C)McBRIDE
Group #12 -- @11:50 -- (B)FEDOR--(B)STROM--(C)STROM--(C)KESTNER
Group #13 -- @noon -- (B)GOSTIC--(B)HETRICK--(C)PETIT--(B)RIEG

handicap Last Name First NOTES
Flight A      
0 Sliman  Michael   
4 Jobes Donald signed up for Sunday only
5 Brovey Anthony  
5 Byerly Bill  
5 Tuthill DeWayne  
6 Evanoka Drew  
7 johnson andrew  
7 Mutinelli Ron   
7 Pohley Paul  
7 Sabol Nick  
8 Auten Jim  
8 McFadden James  
8 Pici Joseph  
8 Rockwell Orrie  
9 Murthy Nahusha  
9 Pulaski Dave  
9 Zamperini  Dave  
 Flight B      
10 Ezick James  
10 Gostic Brian  
11 Daum Robbie  
11 Rezak Tom  
12 Kobulnicky  Mike  
12 Olander Jeff  
12 Ramsbotham John  
12 Tinkey Jim  
12 Zaleta William signed up for Sunday only
13 Humphrey Tim signed up for Sunday only
14 fedor joe  
14 King  Dave   
14 Rieg Dan  
15 Cherny Tom  
15 Frantti Jim  
15 Kurpiewski Mike  
16 Hetrick Joseph  
16 Schutte Ryan  
16 Strom Robert  
 Flight C      
17 Keller Don  
17 Mandalay George  
17 Stevens Adam  
17 Weir Tom signed up for SATURDAY only
18 Yandrich Eric  
19 Bryant Dave  
19 Johnson John  
20 Clemens Mike  
20 Strom Weston  
21 Glomb John  
21 Kestner Dan  
21 Orr  Ed  
22 Smith Red  
23 Bible Bernie  signed up for Sunday only
23 Singh Mehru signed up for SATURDAY only
24 Kaminskas  John  
24 McBride Jaime  
26 Petit Patrick