New Members, please read carefully.
(if you are a returning member, click on the Members Renewal button and login to pay Renewal fee).

Memberships are on a calendar year basis.

To join the PGT, click BUY NOW ($175).  If you also need a USGA handicap, GHIN, make sure you click that to add on ($40). This will create a brand new official handicap for you or it will activate your existing GHIN.  Please indicate how you found out about the PGT or who referred you.  The checkout "Shopping Bag and Cart" is a small icon on the bottom right.  We are using the PayPal system, but you do not need a PayPal account, you can choose the option to pay using any credit or debit card. You'll have to enter some general contact information.

You will get an email receipt confirmation that you have paid and PGT will contact you in the very near future.  PGT will process your information and generate a USERNAME and PASSWORD for you (you can change it later if you want).  Once you get this, you have been entered into the system, and you can then login as an active member and start to register for posted tournaments on the Event Registration page.  Someone from PGT will also be in contact with you to make sure you have all the information you need to start. 

 If you keep a USGA handicap at another club, we must have the information in order to verify it, but you must have an active handicap.  If you start to play and your official USGA handicap is not active, a GHIN will be started for you and you will be charged for it. There are only a select couple approved and official handicap services, GHIN is what we uniformly use. 

All players must review the Club Handbook for the PGT rules, regulations, and guidelines.

If you have any questions you can call, text, or email PGT any time. Thank you and see you on the tour soon.

All New Members receive their choice of a golf shirt, dozen balls, or other products available as part of their new membership.
Currently we have Addidas, Nike, Under Armor, and Antigua shirts, pullovers and jackets, as well as ProV1 and many other brands of balls.