Club Handbook

Pittsburgh Golfers Tour LLC

Additions and updates will be made based on current Handicap and Competition Committee decisions.
You can review the newest Committee decisions by clicking on the "About the PGT" button and then the New Committee Decisions page.
All new decisions have been added or integrated into the various sections of the Club Handbook
NOTE: the most important revised sections to review and understand are-- PGT Tournament Index, New Players, and Posting of Scores


PGT Rules - Regulations - Guidelines

Management has adopted this guide for use by its members and guests. It is the responsibility of each member to become familiar with the rules and regulations in this guide, and to cooperate with staff and other members in this administration, the courses, and clubs we visit. What separates us from a golf "league" is that we play under all USGA guidelines.  It is every players sole responsibility to know and follow all USGA and PGT rules then conduct themselves accordingly.

The Pittsburgh Golfers Tour LLC is first, last, and always an organization devoted to creating exceptional competitive golf experiences for its members. Golf is one of the few sports where performance and enjoyment of the game is unusually dependent upon each player's understanding and abiding by the rules. Perhaps even more importantly, it's a sport where enforcement of the rules is almost totally dependent upon each player's sense of fair play. All PGT rules, course and club rules, local/state/federal rules and laws must be followed at all times.  PGT will not be held liable for players violations or conduct in, around, before, during or after a PGT event.

As golfers, we willingly accept this responsibility for knowing and abiding by the rules and reminding playing partners of possible or actual infractions and penalties. The PGT will institute local rules when necessary to preserve the integrity of competition or to improve the quality of the golf experience for members. While this is a Pro/Am tour, we are not touring pros, we are mostly average golfers who want to play in a more organized and competitive field on the better courses around.  We all compete for cash and prizes, but true Amateur status will be maintained under USGA rules if you so desire.  We will give you the tournament feel in a well organized and operated structure.

Code of Conduct
Know the Rules
PGT Local Rules
Penalties or Infractions
Equitable Competition
Tournament Entry 
Special Requests
Player Cancellation
Event Cancellation
Tournament Day
Pace of Play
Slow Play Penalty
Skill Contests and Side Games
Guests and Spectators
Amateur Status
New Members
Player Accounts -Transactions
Handicap Fees
Playing Handicap
Handicap Thresholds
PGT tournament index, defined
PGT tournament index, applied
Tour Schedule and Entry Fees
Series Competitions
2 player Year long Team
WAC Prize Qualifiers
PGT Tees
Ryder Cup Eligibility
Rookie of the Year
Match Play
Posting Scores


PGT Members that have paid their yearly dues and are in good standing are considered active.  PGT Members that have not paid that years dues are still on the Members list but considered inactive.  Membership dues are based on the calendar year and are refundable only within the first 30 days from receipt of payment but no refund once a player first participates.  Membership is available to men and women 18 years of age or older.  A junior golfer, age 16 or 17, may join as long as their parent is also a member and approval of the Committee, and the parent must be on site while the junior plays.  Members choose to play as a Non-Amateur/Professional or an Amateur.  A junior golfer must compete as an Amateur. All Members have a username and password to access all areas of the PGT website. First time membership information is described in the New Member section below.

All competitions will be under USGA guidelines and current USGA rules of golf, host course local rules, and PGT local rules.  Any variation being played will be announced and/or posted in writing for that specific event. It is every Member, player, and guests obligation and duty to know and follow our Club Handbook.  In the event a Member commits any act which reflects discredit or disrepute thereon, or shall refuse or neglect to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the PGT, it's duly appointed officers, or any golf course or their staff, such Member shall be subject to suspension or expulsion.  Members are responsible for any damage they cause to themselves, any other person, and any property during their participation in PGT events.  Members agree to indemnify and not hold the PGT, it's Officers, Directors, Committee, or Employees responsible in any way for accidents or injuries that may occur to them while participating in a PGT event.  Members and players are held to abide by the particular course rules and regulations that the PGT event is held on.

Players should follow the guidelines of all courses we visit including the dress code.  Appropriate golf clothing and shoes must be worn properly at all times. Clubs may refuse to let you play or require you to conform.  Anyone not following these guidelines will be denied entry into tournament or removed from the tournament and their entry fee forfeited.  Players must respect the club, course, staff, members, other golfers, and act like we are club members. We are invited guests at the clubs we visit and our conduct greatly determines invitations to return.  Please represent yourself to the highest standards, before, during, and after the event.  Conduct unbecoming any golfer or any action poorly reflecting the PGT will not be tolerated.  Warnings, fines, and other penalties may be voted on by the committee and assessed by the Director. Any members can and will be expelled from the PGT if this behavior continues.

Simple etiquette will increase everyone's enjoyment of the game, and usually means faster play (which will be reinforced time and time again throughout our Handbook). If you are unfamiliar with the general etiquette of golf, please ask your playing partners before you tee off and especially before you do something on the course that you think may be frowned upon.  Hopefully your playing partners are courteous and tell you if something you did is improper.  All players have different levels of how they play and what may bother them or take them out of their routine, so we simply ask that you be courteous to everyone around you.  Most infractions are unintentional and you may just need a reminder, but most of it is just common sense.  The standards of player conduct are covered in rule 1.2 of the Rules of Golf and shall be practiced at all times.

The Rules of Golf are not just meant to penalize for an infraction.  They often can help a player in many situations so it is important to know and understand the rules and the many options you may have.  Knowing them and applying them appropriately also speeds up play.  PGT always plays by the USGA rules of golf.  When in doubt, play the ball as it lies.  There are no "gimmies" or "mulligans", and the ball must always be holed. It is everyone's duty to PROTECT THE FIELD, and anyone not correcting another player is also breaking the rules.  USGA website is at  

Specific rules for the day and for specific events will be posted.  It is the players responsibility to see them, know them, and follow them.

PGT follows USGA rules and regulations in relation to penalties and disqualification for infractions in both stroke play and match play.  Ignorance is not a defense.

If any doubt arises about your situation in a tournament, discuss it without delay among all of your playing group.  Hopefully the proper decision can be reached.  In stroke play competition, if no clear decision can be reached and you are still unsure how to proceed, play the ball as it lies, then play a second ball from that spot under rule 20.1C (3) and record both scores.  Always report any disputed incident to the scorer or rules official before signing and turning in your score card or your competitors score card. All disputes and rulings will be settled at the course by the rules official, PGA official on duty, or majority decision by members on hand of PGT committee.  Again, ignorance as to how to proceed, or ignorance of the rules is not a defense. 

Any player may be disqualified or removed from the club for what appears to be a willful breach of the rules, including cheating or misrepresentation of any sort.

The PGT handicap committee will do its utmost to monitor, record, and maintain fair handicaps for all players.  The committee will evaluate, and if deemed necessary, alter a players handicap when it does not reflect their tournament playing record.  It is a fundamental assumption of the PGT and the USGA that every player will play to the best of their ability throughout every round, to abide by good sportsmanship, and refrain from distracting, impeding, or otherwise encumber the play of fellow competitors (before, during, and after the round).

HANDICAPS--GHIN--additional section to be added  
While we state "players of all skill levels", our threshold of handicap index is less than 30.  We play net score tournaments and it is not competitive for players outside this range, both for the player themselves and the Field (plus handicap players will find it similarly uncompetitive).  The maximum stroke allowance in a tournament is 32. PGT handicap chairman and handicap committee is empowered to make exceptions to this rule and anything else involving handicaps.  An official active USGA index is required to compete for cash and prizes.  GHIN is the service we use and recognize.  A new player may start to compete with another official service, but must obtain a GHIN shortly thereafter. Refer to New Player section for certain restrictions.  PGT is an official golf club (Type II), and you may use PGT as your official home club.  The yearly GHIN fee is paid to the local golf association to maintain active status.  PGT operates on a calendar year basis.  You may keep your GHIN active at another club, but PGT must be able to review and edit postings if needed.  When announced, PGT will enter tournament scores for specific events, but the player is responsible for accurately posting their rounds.  This will be strictly enforced, and penalty scores will be posted for players who fail to post scores or post incorrectly.

You must be an active PGT member to register for a tournament.  You can contact PGT and we will register you if space is still available, but the most convenient way to guarantee your spot is to log on and register on the PGT website.  The yearly schedule page shows what is planned but the Event Registration page lists all events that are currently open for registration.  We typically only list upcoming events on a monthly basis so keep checking this page as future events are added.  Complete the self explanatory process to register for the specific event you choose.  You will receive a confirmation that you are registered, but you should go back to the registration page and click the "Attendees" button to make sure you are on the active list.  Most tournaments require pre-payment, but payment the day of the event with cash or check may be made only if a member has a valid credit card on file or enough credit in their PGT account.  Refer to the final section of this handbook about player accounts and transactions. The tournament entry fee typically includes, but not limited to, green fees, prize purse, taxes, fees, range, and use of club facilities as indicated.  Daily or season long side games, skill contests, and competitions are extra and always optional.
Basic information about the tournament is listed on the Event Registration page but all final and specific details and costs are itemized on the Tee Times & Pairings page.

When completing the online registration for a specific event, you may indicate a request in the Special Request section.  Typically this is for an early, middle, or late tee time based on your travel or schedule.  We always try to accommodate this request in order to maximize the field.  Please remember that an early tee time request does not guarantee the first tee time unless specified.  Special requests are just that, for specific reasons, so players will not be granted continuous same accommodations.  Players that also help run the event (registration, starters, rules officials, scorers, etc) must tee off respectively.  We understand that there are a variety of personalities and playing styles, and you may request to be grouped with, or not with, certain players.  We will try to honor that, but cannot for every event.  Part of the game is being able to compete with different players.  You will typically be paired with players of similar skill level, from the same tees, and within the same flight if possible, which helps to protect the field.  Tee times and pairings are also created for pace of play efficiency.

A registered player for an event may cancel any time up to 48 hours of the first tee time. It is the players responsibility to notify PGT of their cancelation, and obtain confirmation. If you have already paid the entry fee, a full refund will be made.  If you cancel inside of 48 hours, the full tournament entry fee will be charged to you unless a fully paid replacement player fills your spot.  PGT contracts with the various courses, guarantees the number of players leading up to the event, and is charged for that number.  Depending on the circumstances around the player canceling inside of 48 hours, or the number of times a player does this, at a minumum, the green fee amount will be charged, and or, a $20 administration fee.
DO NOT call PGT the morning of the event.  Tee times and pairings will go off as scheduled.  Some changes may need to be made at the last minute based on course conditions, play ahead of us, and player sign in.  Remember, your participation, or lack thereof, directly affects your scheduled group and the entire field.

PGT does not cancel events unless unforeseen or unusual circumstances beyond our control occur.  We are mostly at the mercy of the courses we play, so if the course is open, we are obligated to play. Poor weather is always a possibility.  Cold and rainy weather is not unusual and it is the players responsibility to be prepared for all conditions.  Do Not call PGT the morning of an event unless it is an emergency, as we are too busy with set up.  Call the course if you need directions, for delays, conditions, or general questions.  We will make every attempt to contact all players if an event is canceled.  Please make sure your contact information is updated on your online profile.  Always continue to check the Tee Times & Pairings page leading up to the event as late changes are always a possibility. Once our first group tees off, the event has officially started.  Play could be stopped or delayed, and even ended early if situations arise that deem it necessary.  If for any reason players cannot finish their round, PGT can cancel the event.  If a full flight has completed 9 or more holes, the results become official to that number of holes only.  If the full flight has not completed the minimum number of holes required, the event is canceled.  Once a player has teed off and the event is canceled, a players entry fee is refunded minus any fees the course charges and the PGT administration fee.

Before heading to the course, make sure you check the Tee Times & Pairings page one more time to verify your specific groups starting time, costs, and all final details. Do not call PGT prior to your time as we will be too busy preparing and checking in players.  Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your start time to give yourself enough time to check in, or earlier to warm up as needed.  Locate the registration table to check in and pay the entry fee, and the optional side games.  Adjusted tee times may be needed based on what happens at the course.  Sometimes your official score card will be issued at the table, and sometimes the PGT starter will issue it.  It is the players responsibility to review all documents at the registration table.  Local and daily rules will be posted and it is the players responsibility to know them.  Be available at, or near, the first tee at least 10 minutes before your group is called. There is always a chance groups can go off earlier than slated and you must be prepared for any last minute changes.  Delays ahead of you may push back your starting time as well.  Final instructions will be given, score cards will be exchanged between players, and play will begin immediately by ready golf when it is clear to hit.  Unless special circumstances arise, your group will tee off when called.  If you are late or miss your time, you may be penalized or disqualified, however you may be allowed to compete in a manner convenient to the field.  Your actions directly affect your group and the entire field.  PGT will adjust groups and starting times if needed for pace of play purposes.

The single most aggravating issue in golf is SLOW PLAY.  Slow Play WILL NOT be tolerated and could result in penalty stokes, disqualification, and removal from the PGT.  No one should have to rush a shot or run around the course, but no players actions or routine should interfere with another players timely completion and enjoyment of their round. You and your groups responsibility is to keep pace with the group in front of you.  Your position is behind the group in front of you, not in front of the group behind you.  A group that cannot keep up will receive slow play penalties.  So it is vitally important for all groups to keep pace or a log jam (tunnel effect) will take place.  It only takes one group to fall behind, and all the groups behind them are negatively affected.  All players will adopt the policy of READY GOLF.  We play Ready Golf from start to finish at all events.  If you are ready to hit, even if you are ahead of another player that isn't ready, simply announce you will play and make your shot.  The option of continuous putting is also recommended.  You are urged to "putt out" if not interfering with another players line or if another player is not ready or delaying their putt.  It is the groups responsibility to encourage or notify a player of their slow play and assist in moving along.  A spreadsheet of all player times will be kept by PGT administration.  Any player could have a bad round or various circumstances that slows down play to make this list, but players that appear frequently on this list will not be allowed special requests and will be placed towards the end of the field.  You can still have a bad round and not slow down play if you stay aware of your position, play ready golf, and alter your routine if you fall behind.  And if you fall behind, it is your responsibility to catch up immediately.  Most players are not even aware of all the time they waste.  Even a few wasted seconds here and there over 18 holes leads to a group slowing down the entire course.  Faster play does not mean rushed play, but efficient play is what we should strive for.

An 18 minute rule is in place.   All groups must arrive at the scoring area at the end of their round within 18 minutes of the group in front of them. You must go directly to the scoring area after your final hole to record your round time, and then verify and sign score cards.  A Player will receive a two stroke penalty for being more than 18 minutes behind the group in front of them unless they finish in less than 4.5 hours or extenuating circumstances arise.  The PGT will review any special circumstances and interview each player in the group to determine if it was a specific player causing the slow down or the entire group was at fault before penalizing anyone.  This rule is designed to keep all players aware of pace of play, and always keep up with the group ahead of you.  If this happens, there is never an issue with slow play and long rounds would not be a PGT problem. We cannot control what happens on the course in front of our first group, but our groups do not want to hold up play after the tournament.  To date, our average round per group is under 4 hrs 40 min, which is acceptable for tournament golf.

Distance measuring devices are allowed--A player may verbalize the distance obtained provided that the use of this device does not impede play. A range finder, or GPS device, may be used and the player using it may announce the distance obtained to the rest of the group. If a device has additional features like elevation, wind speed, etc, they must be turned off or not used.

When announced, playoff for first place will be decided by sudden death elimination, continuing in the designated format for that event.  Starting hole for playoff will be determined based on handicap hole if possible to allow fair and equal number of strokes respective to each player.  It may also only be practical based on open holes.  Most first place  ties will be settled on the score card starting with the number one handicap hole and continuing in order of the most difficult holes until tie is broken.  Net score is used.  All other ties combine and split prize money.

Payouts come from the Prize Purse and separate side games, but are total amounts paid in by the participating players.  Overall we try to pay out approximately 25 % of the flight or field.  There are a variety of tournament formats, optional side games, daily, and yearly competitions.  You obviously must be paid into the respective competition to collect any winnings.  Sometimes Sponsors will provide cash and prizes for winners of various competitions as well.  Tournament winnings are not paid out until the results are confirmed and verified, usually the following day.  Therefore, winning amounts will be added to the players accounts (see final section in handbook).  Side games are "cash in- cash out" and can be distributed at the course upon conclusion of the scoring when requested.  If any clerical errors occur, adjustments will be made as needed.  All results are posted in the Individual Results and Leader Board pages.  Amateur players receive winnings in the form of credit, merchandise, or certificates following the USGA guidelines. 

Various Skill Contests and Side Games like gross skins, net skins, low gross score, and closest to the pin are offered at most events.  Details and specific games are listed on the Tee Times and Pairings page for that event and are not the same for every event.  These are optional and on top of the tournament entry cost and operated as "cash in - cash out".  Some side games pay out cash and/or prizes.   Any skin is the lowest score relative to par and only won with a score of par or better on a hole.  5% of all pots are retained by PGT as part of administrative fees. 

Players may elect Tourist entry which entitles them to a tee time and pairing but no tournament entry or payout.  They are eligible and can pay for side games and skill contests provided their GHIN is active. Entry fee is reduced because they are not paying into the tournament prize purse.  Entry fee consists of the green fee and administrative fee.  Players must declare Tourist status at time of online registration by stating it in the special request section or contacting PGT immediately. 

Guests are not current or past active PGT members and are always welcome.  A Guest of an active member is invited to play and may play with that member. Two Guests per member are allowed to register per event.  The same Guest may not attend more than two events per season.  If a Guest has an active and verifiable GHIN, they may compete in the side games.  Their entry fee is the same as a Tourist because they are not eligible for prize purse payouts.  A member must contact the PGT directly in order to add the Guest to the current event roster to secure their spot.  Guests typically are interested in the PGT and would like to see  the tournament organization first hand and play a course they might not normally be able to.  A Guest cannot take a spot from an active member however and not available to join certain events and qualifiers. 
Spectators, or non players, are NOT permitted at private clubs and not to be on the course or in and around the registration and scoring area.  Only registered and paid players with a specific tee time and pairing are allowed out with other players on the course. Spectators may be allowed on the public courses, but on a limited basis.  The player requesting a spectator must contact the public course directly and get authorization along with any specific restrictions.  Then they must contact the PGT Director who may include the spectator in their group.  The player must also advise their fellow playing competitors the day of the tournament that a spectator will be around.  The spectator may not interfere, assist the player, or distract the group in any way.  Authorized spectators are still not to be in and around the registration and scoring areas.  Children are never allowed to be in and around the registration or scoring areas.

PGT follows all USGA guidelines on Amateur status and payouts.  The majority of our players play as professionals because they compete to win cash and prizes.  A player must declare they want to maintain Amateur status so they are compensated accordingly to protect them for future "true" Amateur events.

A brand new member may "Join the PGT" by clicking on this link at the top of the home page.  Just review the New Member signup and pay online.  The new member fee is slightly higher than a renewing membership but the player can choose from a variety of gifts like shirts and balls (all are top quality items but subject to availability).  PGT is a membership based organization and a reduced yearly fee in following years is required to be active.  New members must provide verifiable handicap information and must obtain, then keep active, a GHIN to compete for cash and prizes.  A new member may have to play as a Tourist for their first event (or longer) until the handicap committee deems their index is appropriate.  All information to get started is provided in a New PGT Membership email after you are processed.  Also see sections on New Members playing handicap.

New PGT Member (with existing GHIN)-- A new and first time player on the PGT that has an active and existing GHIN from another club with recent posted scores of 5 or more can immediately compete and win any cash and prizes in any PGT event using 80% of their current GHIN index or new PGT Tournament Index, if lower, for their first three events.  After their third event, their full PGT Tournament Index will be used. (see below for Match Play restrictions)
New PGT Member (with first time or new GHIN)-- A new and first time player on the PGT that has an active GHIN that was just created and has recently posted 5 or more scores can immediately compete and win any cash and prizes in any PGT event using 70% of their current GHIN index or new PGT Tournament Index, if lower, for their first three events.  After their third event, their full PGT Tournament Index will be used.  (see below for Match Play restrictions)


Other than cheating, this is the worst word when it comes to Net play.  It is technically a form of cheating even before you start to compete.  When sandbagging is associated with tournament golf, it brings discredit to the format, organization, and that player.  Players are required to properly post all their scores on a continuous basis.  If they are properly and fairly played then posted, sandbagging can't occur.  PGT has adopted certain rules to prevent sandbagging and the appearance of sandbagging.  The Handicap Committee continuously conducts peer reviews of players, especially when something out of the ordinary becomes evident.  The Director has the final determination on if a player is within the threshold of scoring based on their handicap and probability of scoring low.  This determination also refers to what, if any, payouts are made if it is determined a score is outside the scoring threshold.  That player may not get paid winnings as stated, but a portion of their entry fee may be returned based on the final determination of probability or if a player intentionally decieved the PGT.

All players will have an administrative individual account maintained.  This will not be made public or shared.  It is updated with each transaction for each player.  Two hard drive files will be kept at the PGT office and a current printout will be made for each event.  This will be available to review by each player at the registration table at every tournament.  At any time, a player may contact PGT and their account balance and all transactions will be provided to them.  A running balance is kept from credit and debit transactions.  Credits are payments made, winnings, or additions.  Debits are costs, fees, withdrawals, or other charges.  All fees are to be paid in full prior to an event.  Cash, Checks, credit and debit cards, or PGT credit are acceptable forms of payment.  Generally, a "cash in - cash out" principle is in order.  Therefore, if a credit or debit card is used for tournament entry or side game costs, a 4% charge will be included, except for online purchases of products and membership dues.  Positive balances in players accounts can be used or withdrawn by cash or check at tournaments by that player, and positive balances may be carried over to the following season.  Yearly dues will automatically be deducted from that carryover balance at the first of the year.  Check requests to be mailed will incur a $3 processing fee. Anyone who issues a check that is returned will be charged a $30 fee.  Unpaid fees and debits will accrue a 20% monthly charge.   All amounts are rounded down to a whole dollar amount.

HANDICAP FEES-- An active GHIN (USGA handicap)  is required to play in tournaments.  The yearly fee is paid to and managed by PGT but WPGA is still the association used. If you keep your handicap with the PGT, your GHIN will show Pittsburgh Golfers Tour as your home club.  PGT may enter your scores for PGT tournaments that will show up as a "C" score for Competition, but players must always enter all their other rounds played that will show up as "A" for an Away score.  If PGT does not enter your Tournament score, you will be advised to enter it yourself as soon as possible or face a penalty score to be added.  If you keep a USGA handicap at another club, it must be active, and you are required to make sure PGT has the information so we can verify it and you are responsible for entering ALL of you own rounds.  PGT will maintain a PGT tournament index and all players will use this to determine playing handicap.  
All players must register as an active PGT Member and be paid in full before competing in tournaments.  You can easily do this by clicking on and completing the online membership ("Join the PGT" or Members Renewal"), using carryover money from a previous season, or contacting PGT to make arrangements to pay.  Call, text, or email PGT for all details but information is posted on the forms.
PLAYING HANDICAP -- In past years we have used the USGA guidelines of a reduced course adjusted handicap to calculate your playing handicap.  We have used 85-95% in the past.  Basically a players index is calculated to a course adjusted handicap based on the slope, then a rating adjustment if players are competing from a different set of tees.  This number is used to calculate net skins, but we reduced that number by a percentage based on USGA guidelines for the tournament. We will now be using 100% of your course adjusted handicap for all Net calculations.  

HANDICAP THRESHOLDS--Maximum (and lowest) Handicap allowed to participate-- The PGT is designed for the average golfer and is set up so that similar skill players compete against each other.  Flights of set index ranges are the main thing made for this purpose.  While the PGT is a Pro and Amateur tournament format, and has the catch phrase of "Competitive golf for players of ALL skill levels" there still must be limitations on the high and low end of the handicap scale.  Also, the PGT is set up for tournament play and the players are expected to know and follow the USGA rules of golf.  This is not the place for the PGA type Pro or plus handicap player, nor is it the place for a player to learn the game as a beginner with a very high handicap.  The PGT will make the final decision based on an interview of a player who may fall into the high or low handicap, and possibly after demonstrating their true ability to get around the course.  We have decided that anyone over a 30 handicap index should improve their game before joining the PGT and playing competitively.  To put this in perspective, a 30 index player and course adjusted on an average golf course would play to around a 36.  This is probably then not a handicap that would make a player competitive, may become a distraction for fellow competitors, and even cause a pace of play issue.  And on the other extreme, a higher plus player may score exceptionally better than all other players and dominate even in a net competition.  The bottom line is that the PGT reserves the right to review a players ability to determine if they can compete in our format. Regardless of your actual index, a maximum of 32 strokes is allowed.  This is your playing handicap for both net score and skins (we play both gross and net skins).
PGT Tournament Index (history and definition)--Scoring ability and overall play is different in tournament play than with casual rounds, frequently played rounds on the same course, and general play.  In tournament play, the courses are not as well known, conditions may be different, setup may be different, and the mindset of strict USGA guidelines for example, definetly take players out of their comfort zone.  Plus we have found that a large percentage of golfers do not properly post many of their away rounds correctly into GHIN.  The PGT handicap committee reviews and makes sure that PGT tournament scores are posted on GHIN correctly.  Therefore, we know that the differentials for the players in that event are correct and a more accurate indication of their ability, and true index, especially when multiple tournament differentials are grouped.  The PGT Tournament Index levels the playing field, across the board, and virtually eliminates sandbagging, the appearance of it, and gives the player a more accurate handicap in competition.  Hopefully this should also make players feel comfortable posting every qualified away round played on any course.  PGT will calculate using organized PGT tournament differentials from the past two calendar years regardless of how many tournaments played, and applying the GHIN computation formulas to determine players PGT Tournament Index (except for exceptional score adjustments). Organized tournaments are under USGA guidelines, listed local venues, flighted with typical participation, and with typical payouts from a prize purse.  Refer to the calculation chart in GHIN from the following link
Starting in 2024, the PGT index is modified slightly from the above calculation.  See below on how applied. 

PGT Tournament Index (applied)--PGT will maintain an ongoing calculation of players PGT Tournament Index and this index will be used for all players in determining their playing handicap based on the rating and slope of the tees played during organized PGT tournaments.  All players must still maintain an active GHIN and post all of their rounds played.  Players will be capped when PGT index is 3 strokes over current GHIN index. For players with less than 7 tournament rounds in a two year period, playing handicap will be 80% of current GHIN for new members and 100% for existing members, then rounds of 4, 5, and 6 will be the average of players GHIN and PGT index.  PGT index will be used for rounds 7 and more subject to the 3 stroke cap difference.  Any questions or clarifications of calculations, please contact the Director or Handicap Chairman.
NOTE:  it is still the players responsibility to post their scores and the Handicap Committee will monitor and make corrections as needed, however penalty scores will be assesed when a player fails to properly post under certain circumstances and under the discretion of the Handicap Chairman and the Director.

TOUR SCHEDULE AND ENTRY FEES-- Many of these courses will have green fees of $55-$65.  We will limit "premium" events  or those with green fees over $90.  The tournament entry fees include the green fee, cart, range, taxes, fees, and prize purse.  Any of which may or may not be included for any specific event.  The final format and actual cost breakdown is posted on the Tee Times & Pairings page before the event.  We will try to keep the costs as low as possible and the averge teournament entry fee usually is between $90 and $110.  The green fee is what usually changes the entry fee, but sometime we play for a larger or smaller amount in the prize purse.  The schedule venues change every year based on a variety of factors, but there are many courses that fit well with our organization.
The following types of events will be listed...
     1) Money Majors--Multiple offered per year but must play in at least one other event since the previous money major. If not qualified, that player is reduced to regular payout and higher amount redistributed to eligible players.
     2) PCS Majors--One per month offered for additional points.  Bonus points after 8th, 10th and 12th events.
     3) WAC qualifiers--must also play in at least 3 other events prior to the final qualifier.
     4) Super Tournament--a full fiield competition with larger prize purse and no side games.
     5) Split Field Player Option--Two flights based on entry fee.  One flight cost of a normal tournament and normal payouts. Second flight a higher sost with higher payouts.
     6) Two Day Tour Championship--Anyone can play in each day as single event. 
          Must have played in 8 during season to qualify for bigger money and flight trophy (average of $2500-$3000 extra has been available in past years purses).
     7) PCS Final--Final event of season to accumulate points
PCS (Point Challenge Series)-- Our version of PGA FedEx Cup competition.  Optional year long competition with a one time yearly entry fee.  Even if you don't participate in the PCS competition, the PCS tournaments are used for certain qualifications.  For example, 8 official tournaments must be entered in order to compete for the two day Tour Championship trophy and extra large prize purse.  REFER TO SCORING SYSTEM PAGE FOR ALL DETAILS.  There will be dedicated PCS Major tournaments for extra points and bonus points after a certain number of official tournaments are played.  Standings are based on an accumulation of PCS points after the final PCS tournament and cash payouts to the top 25% of the field involved.

SERIES COMPETITIONS-- Spring, Summer, and Fall Series competitions are optional side games throughout the season.  These could be 2 to 4 separate rounds on various days of PGT tournaments.  Participants choose to compete in the Series by paying the entry fee for that Series.  The winners are the lowest total net scores from all rounds in that Series and are paid from the accumulated purse of that Series.  Players can particiapte in as many Series competitions as are offered.

2 PLAYER YEAR LONG TEAM-- An optional side game for two players to join a year long competition of combined net score relative to par.  Scores are accumulated when both players play in the same PCS event.  Only the five best combined rounds are used for total score.  Teams must sign up each year and pay entry fee before scores are used.  Top 1 to 5 teams win prize purse based on total number of teams entered.  A player may be on no more than two different teams.  Details, entry fee, and payouts will be posted each year at teh beginning of the season.
WAC PRIZE QUALIFIERS-- For The Myrtle Beach World Amateur Championship--One of our main sponsors, they provide PGT with a variety of prizes that we compete for each season, or a general discount to participate in the World Am tournament. Qualifier PGT events will be specified, with the lowest total net score from those qualifiers to determine prize winners. The number of qualifiers is based on the number of prizes given my the World Am. To play in the World Am, you must sign up directly with them. In order to be eligible to win any of the prizes, players must have competed in 3 non-WAC events prior to the WAC final. Competition open for any current PGT member.  Each year the World Am may change what prizes or discounts are offered.
PGT TEES--we set and use our own tee markers.  (PGT black, yellow, or teal). All players will play from the default tee (appox 6300 yards for par 72) unless otherwise requested.  Players that usually play and post majority of their rounds from a longer tee have the option of moving to a longer tee when available (approx 6600 yards).  Women play from red/forward course tees or the womens rated tee, but could be the gold tees if rated for women (approx 5700 yards), and players who petition the handicap committee can move to short tee because of shorter driving distance or medical condition, to fairly compete (approx 6000 yards).  Players granted permission to play short tee must play from that tee for the entire season. When you petition to play short tee, your GHIN will be reviewed, and you will play at least one round with a committee member from default tees before a decision is made.  Your play will be monitored during the season and the committee could move you back to the default tees based on your play.  Players authorized to play the shorter tee must show that they can only play that distance to fairly compete.  Their drive off the tee averages under 200 yards.  Their GHIN postings for away rounds should be from a similar rating and slope, and when they play outside of the PGT they would normally play the senior type tee. Players may also have a physical impairment and cannot get around the course as they have in the past.  Age is not a factor in determining this authorization but a noticible reduction in strength because of age is taken into consideration.  General bad scoring or inability to keep balls in play or a bad short game are also not a factor.  Players will not be granted permission to move to the shorter tee just to gain a competitive advantage.
The basic layout for all tournaments will be similar to, (final tee details posted for each specific event)...
Tournament Tee#1--6600 par 72--6500 par 71--6400 par 70 (black or yellow PGT tee)
Tournament Tee #2--6300 par 72--6200 par 71--6100 par 70 (black or yellow PGT tee)
Tournament Tee #3-- 6000 par 72--5900 par 71--5800 par70 (teal PGT tee)
FLIGHTS/DIVISIONS-- There is still not enough participation of the low single digit and scratch players to justify a gross only flight. There are not enough women to have a womens only flight.  There are not enough senior players (short tees or Teal tees) to have a senior division with all players from that tee.  The main structure that works best is for all players in Flights A-B-C with general index ranges of A--0 to 7, B--8 to 13, C--14.0 and up.  This is not a range set in stone and each flight may have a slightly differnt index range to maximize the number of players in that flight for the best payouts at each event. There may be full field events based on the tournament format, or only two flights based on the number of overall participants.   
RYDER CUP ELIGIBILITY-- The Ryder Cup Committee shall have the final determination on the team roster.  For the most part, all active PGT members have the opportunity to be on the team if they meet certan eligibility requirements.  Past Ryder Cup players have preference because they are familiar with the Ryder Cup format.  But a qualification is that a player compete in at least a certain number of official rournaments and their index is in line with their current play. This ensures a proper handicap and ability based on their current handicap for pairing purposes. There will be various Match Play days and competitions that you must play in to show your ability and knowledge of match play.  Final RC committee decisions will be made available.  If you are interested in participating, let us know for your consideration on the team.

This is a season long competition based on the same point system as Player of the Year (existing PGT players), but will display standings of only first year players.  The first year player with the highest point total after the final official PGT tournament that year will be the Rookie of the Year.  If a new player to the PGT joins after July 4 and competes in less than 6 tournaments, the following season is their Rookie of the Year eligibility. The following season membership dues will be free for the ROTY.  There is no additional cost and all eligible players will be invoved in the competition.

MATCH PLAY-- PGT has a variety of Match Play competitions and tournaments that vary from year to year and open to all active PGT memebers. Information about Match Play can be found on the Match Play page under the Other Events button.  New and first time members can only register for Match Play competitions once they have played in at least three official PGT tournaments. When a Match Play event is formed, it will be posted for online sign up just like a regular tournament on the Event Registration page.  Players must be flexible enough and willing to play their match outside of PGT events or agree to play it during a regular PGT tournament in order to get it in on time if needed.  Match Play strokes are based on players current PGT index, but can be adjusted by the handicap committee based on review. Players must have an active PGT index to participate.

POSTING SCORES (players responsibility)--There will be a more strict enforcement on players to post their PGT tournament score to GHIN within 24 hours.  Penalty scores will be added to players who fail to post scores or continue to post incorrectly.  It is recommended that players stay at the scoring table after completion of their round until their score card is reviewed, accepted, and scores transfered onto the official score sheets.  The scorer assists by providing the player with their actual "ESC" number that is to be posted to GHIN (reduction for maximum score allowed on a hole which is double bogey plus number of strokes on that hole based on playing handicap). It only takes a few minutes and players should strive to post their score to GHIN at the scoring table to ensure it is posted correctly, but no later than 24 hours after the round.  Instructions and specific numbers to use for posting scores to GHIN are available on the PGT website pages, at the event registration table, and at the scoring table, so there is no excuse for players scores not posted properly.

For more information, always check the USGA website at   

Please call, text, or email PGT with any questions