Club Handbook

PGT Rules and Regulations

2018 Pittsburgh Golfers Tour, Rules of Play and Code of Conduct
(some additions and updates still need to be made based on current off season Handicap and Competition Committee meetings)

Management has adopted this guide for use by its members and guests. It is the responsibility of each member to become familiar with the rules and regulations in this guide, and to cooperate with staff and other members in this administration.

The Pittsburgh Golfers Tour LLC is first, last and always an organization devoted to creating exceptional competitive golf experiences for its members. Golf is one of the few sports where performance and enjoyment of the game is unusually dependent upon each player's understanding and abiding by the rules. Perhaps even more importantly, it's a sport where enforcement of the rules is almost totally dependent upon each player's sense of fair play.

As golfers, we willingly accept this responsibility for knowing and abiding by the rules and reminding playing partners of possible or actual infractions and penalties. The PGT will institute local rules only when necessary to preserve the integrity of competition or to improve the quality of the golf experience for members.

The PGT's Two Propositions
The PGT Local Rules
Dress Code
Tournament Entry Guidelines

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USGA and Local Rules Updates with Recent Changes

For more information, always check the USGA website at  

We will use this page to list many of the important USGA rules changes and updates each year so players have a "heads up". We will also update any local PGT rules.

Although this is designed to just advise or guide the player,it is still everyone's responsibility to know and abide by the rules at all times.

PGT Local Rules Update----a modification of one of our local rules (distance measuring devices--A player may now verbalize the distance obtained provided that the use of this device does not impeed play) A range finder, or gps device, measuring distance only, may be used and the player using it may now announce the distance obtained to the rest of the group. This is nice on a par 3 or when players are near each other in the fairway, but we do not want the player who has the device to feel obligated to give everyone their own personal reading or run around the course for other players thus slowing down play.
   Also, an 18 minute rule is now in place.   All groups must turn in their official scorecard at the end of their round to the scorers table with 18 minutes of the group in front of them.  A Player will receive a two stroke penalty for being longer than 18 minutes of the group in front of them unless they finish less than 4 1/2 hours.  The PGT will review any special circumstances before penalizing.  This rule is designed to keep all players aware of pace of play, and always keep up with the group ahead of you.  If this happens, there is never an issue with slow play and long rounds would not be a PGT problem.  To date, our average round per group is 4 hours 40 min, which is very acceptable for tournament golf.

USGA Rules Changes and Updates----The most significant change has to do with identifying a ball lying in a hazard and playing a wrong ball (rules 12-2 and 15-3). Players are now permitted, by rule 12-2 to lift a ball in a hazard in order to IDENTIFY it and will be in breach of 15-3 if a wrong ball is played from any part of the course with one exception to both rules; a ball that is moving in water in a water hazard. Breach of 15-3 is a 2 stroke penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in match play. Rule 24-1 amended to allow flagstick, whether attended, removed or held up, to be moved when a ball is in motion even if the act could influence the movement of the ball. ADVICE: Amended to allow the exchange of information on distance, as it is not considered to be "advice" (previously covered by a Decision). More details to follow.

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