Year Long Match Play Tournament

2019 Year Long Match Play Tournament.  
You must register like any other tournament on the Event Regiostration page.
32 players will compete in 4 brackets of 8 players each with bracket winners to determine champion.
See below for all details, rules, and format.  Also see Trophy Room page for past winners.
Bracket 1--"Gang Green"
Bracket 2--"We Dream of Dormie"
Bracket 3--"Back Niners"
Bracket 4--"Fore Fathers"
1st--Dan Kestner--$450 + engraved crystal tophy
2nd--Joe Fedor --$300
T3--Drew Evanoka--$100
T3--Brian Proch--$100
T5--Jim Frantti--$50
T5--Bernie Bible--$50
T5--Brian Gostic--$50
T5--Dean Marraccini--$50 
Click here to view FINAL year long results pdfMATCH PLAY 1 vs 2  
Click here to view FINAL year long results pdfMATCH PLAY 3 vs 4
2019 Second Chance Match Play competition
Click here to view FINAL results pdf2019_second_chance_MATCH_PLAY_brackets_A_B
 1st--Joe Hetrick--$400
2nd--Dave King--$240
2018 Results:
Congratulations to John Johnson, 2018 Year Long Match Play Champion 
Click here to view pdf2018 year long MATCH PLAY brackets A B C Final results
Click here to view pdf2018 second chance MATCH PLAY tournament Final results
2017 Results:
Congratulations to the Year Long Match Play Competitors Red Smith, winner of Bracket B and Brian Proch, winner of Bracket A.  

These players played their Championship match at Olde Stonewall and Brian Proch wins 1up to be the 2017 PGT Match Play Champion.  

Click here to view pdfFINAL 2017 MATCH PLAY bracket A

Click here to view pdfFINAL 2017 MATCH PLAY bracket B

2017 payouts:
Brian Proch--$340 plus engraved champions trophy
Red Smith--$220
Eric Yandrich--$100
Sean Thomas--$100
Drew Evanoka--$40
John Johnson--$40
Dan Rieg--$40
Joe Fedor--$40
Congratulations to Bernie Bible, 2016 Year Long Match Play Tournament Champion.   
Congratulations to Red Smith, 2015 Year Long Match Play Tournament Champion.
Red was the first half winner and he defeted Dave Zamperini who was the second half winner.


Match Play Information, Format, and Rules

Match Play deadlines for each round WILL be strictly enforced again.   Matches must be completed within the time frame allowed (see brackets) or you will be eliminated from competition.  This will allow us to have a second half tournament and enough time for each half winner to compete for the championship.  PGT will monitor and check on each competitor to see who cannot make their match.  That player will forfeit if it is found they cannot make the effort to complete their match.  Both competitors may forfeit that round if it cannot be completed.  Second half tournament can begin mid July or as soon as filled.  All first half players can sign up for second half right away (if winner of first half is also winner of second half, he is the Champion)

This is a handicapped event (using 90% of course adjusted handicap), one flight, single elimination match play tournament. There will be two brackets of eight players if only 16 register OR four brackets of seven players (one bye slot in each bracket for last years bracket winner if not a full field).  With 32 players there will be four brackets of 8.  A & B compete for a winner, and C & D compete for a winner.  Winners play for championship.

If there is enough time in the season, a second tournament will take place, and format will depend on number of players entered.

White tees will be played by both players unless both agree on Blue. Both players should play from same tees (ladies play from red). Handicaps will be course and tee adjusted (you may play different tees if handicaps are significantly different.

1. You and your opponent should schedule your match at a time and place convenient to you both.
2. Matches may also be played at PGT tournaments. Let the Director know 48 hours in advance if you plan on doing this.
3. Players that are scheduled to play will be paired in upcoming PGT events if registered so there is no excuse not to get match in on time.

Registration begins with a $45 entry fee paid to PGT.  Second Chance MP tournament for cash only is a $50 entry fee.
First round matches begin as soon as brackets are posted.
Each round must be completed by posted deadline or you WILL forfeit (both players possibly).
Semi-Final Winners, Final Winner, and Champion are paid from pot.  Champion also to receive personal etched Crystal Trophy.

Call the Tour Office (412-491-6846):
1. 24 hours before your match to get your latest handicaps and advise which course you are playing.
2. ASAP after match to announce the winner and give results.
3. To find out who your next opponent is.
4. If there are scheduling conflicts.
5. With rules questions.




All matches in each round must be completed within 15 days or the posted date

Call PGT prior to your match for course adjusted handicaps, strokes, and match details

Call PGT after your match to give results for posting and next round can start right away

It is YOUR obligation to make arrangements with your opponents to play your match. Keep PGT updated because you will lose your match for failure to play in time, or poor communication.


Call PGT at 412-491-6846 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions