Scoring System, Results and Leaderboard Format

Events will be Net Score Flight Tournaments with optional smaller Day Games.  Some events will be skins games or smaller tournaments with larger day games.  There will be three to five Major Events and a Tour Championship. The Tour Championship will be a 36 hole Tournament and all others are 18 hole individual stroke play. There are designated PCS Tournaments*(see below) where you accumulate PCS points, and Player of the Year points issued for all players.  The prize purse will be included in the entry fee and is between $30 and $60 per player. One third of each Flight or one third of the Field finishes "in the money". Payouts are based on a percentage of purse to players and an example is that the top four places are paid in a 15 player Flight. Skins could be between individual Flghts or the entire Field, and could be Gross and/or Net, but specified before each event.  There will be other events with big skins and other prize payouts from sponsors. Refer to each event on the Tour Events registration page.  Click on a listed tournament to see specific details of that event.

We will have three different Leaderboards to track again this year:
1--Player of the Year
2--Point Challenge Series
3--Overall Winnings

There will be a variety of Events to fill everyone’s needs. All of the formats will be exciting and give players of all skill levels a chance to compete for cash and prizes. We add additional venues to give everyone an opportunity to play the best courses around the area.

**************Here is the breakdown*****************

LEADERBOARDS will now be kept for the following:

All PGT players in good standing will be involved at no additional cost. A point system (see below for details) will be based on overall net finish rank per Event. The player with the most ongoing accumulated points from all events will finish first. The more tournaments you play, the more points you will accumulate. Top three players will receive awards and prizes to be determined, but will be something similar to Gift Cards and Certificates, Apparel, and Free or Discounted PGT membership for the following year. The top finisher will receive their choice of a custom etched crystal trophy also.

*2---POINT CHALLENGE SERIES (PCS)* see below for points calculation.
This is similar to the current PGA Fed-ex Cup series, and the PGT Cleveland Series in the past, but more simplified.   This is an optional individual competition and cost is $50.  A point system (see below for details) will be based on overall net finish rank per designated PCS Event.
Top 25% win the money from the pool.     Points are accumulated and totaled from the best seven events entered. A Player receives 400 bonus points on their 7th event and an additional 100 points on their 10th event. Players may play in more than seven events and use a higher point total to replace a lower score. Major Event Tournaments generate more points and tournaments are progressively worth more as the season goes on.  There will be four single day Major Event Tournaments and one 36 hole Major Tournament on the schedule (TBD on the schedule). Players still win and collect each tournament's cash and prizes based on their play that day. PCS is an optional event.  
    Payouts will be similar to: $700-$500-$300-$250-$200-$160-$150-$140-$130-$120-$110-$100.

All players who win cash and prizes will be ranked based on their winnings. All cash winnings and value of Prizes will be calculated. All skins, ctp’s, bonus certificates, and merchandise are included. Ranking will not be indicated with a $ symbol and earnings are converted 1-1 to points.

Players must indicate at the start of each season if they want to compete as an Amateur or a Non-Amateur based on USGA guidelines on how prize money is accepted. An Amateur is a Player who wants to maintain their USGA Amateur status and winnings are converted to merchandise, gift certificates, or credit (except side games) in PGT Events. A Tourist is a PGT Player in good standing who wishes to play in PGT Events at a reduced rate. A Guest is “anyone” who wants to play in an Event, and is always welcome to play in most PGT Events to see first hand the PGT structure. A Tourist must designate their entry status prior signing up for an event. Tourist or Guest players will receive public recognition for their final place in Tournaments. They will pay a lower entry fee (usually $30-$60 less than the posted entry fee) and not be eligible for Prize Purse money payouts. All may enter the day games and skins, but must have a verified USGA index to participate.

Points will be assigned based on overall NET finish per event. Players will play to the lowest of their GHIN index or their PGT tournament index.  All indexes are calculated to a handicap based on the slope and rating of the tees played.  All adjustments are based on USGA guidelines.
POTY & PCS will both use the same FIXED point distribution listed below. All ties will have the points for each position added together and split evenly to all tied players. Majors will be 10% and 20% higher for one day and two day events.  Here is the fixed point table.

400... 1
350... 2
325... 3
310... 4
300... 5
290... 6
280... 7
270... 8
260... 9
250... 10
240... 11
230... 12
220... 13
210... 14
200... 15
190... 16
170... 18
160... 19
150... 20
140... 21
130... 22
120... 23
110... 24
100... 25
zero from 26 to last

PCS BONUS POINTS of 400 at your 7th event and an additional 100 on your 10th event.

Regardless of how many players are registered for the tournament, there are a FIXED number of basis points and the percentage of accumulated points stays the same. There was allot of thought put into this idea and much analyzation of past statistics and scenarios. This is the best system for our extensive schedule. The idea is to entice as many players as possible to each event and make it as fair as possible across the board.

This Point system is for calculating and maintaining the Leaderboards only If you have the best Gross or Net score in your flight in the tournament, you still finish first and win that prize money. Then your Net scores are ranked for points.


All PGT Players may enter and play in the Tour Championship, but to be eligible for the Title however,  the ONLY qualification is that you have played in 10 or more events during the season. 


1) Participate in a minimum of Four PGT Events during that season.
2) Be ranked in the top 120 on the winnings Leaderboard or Player of the Year.
3) Finish in the money of your Flight in any Tournament.
4) Compete as a paid player in the Match Play Tournament, Ryder Cup or NTC Team.
5) If a special circumstance occurrs, you may be eligible under the discretion of the committee or the Director.