Pace of Play Regulations

We will strongly stress pace of play again this year and will continue to take a hard stance on the issue.

 PGT may maintain and then post ALL players who finish more than 15 minutes behind the group in front of them.  This is all players in that group.  This does not mean that any one or all of those players were penalized, nor does it mean that these players are slow.  Many situations occur from time to time and all players find themselves behind at some point.  What we want to do however is show a history.  In other words, a list will be formed with all players names and how many times they were in a group that was behind.  We would expect that all players names would appear on this list, but the players names who are at the top of the list have the most slow rounds compared to evryone else.  This should be an indicator that these players need to modify their games and if they continue to be on, or on top of the list, they will be required to play later in the Field and monitored more closely.




         Remember that your position on the golf course is directly BEHIND the group in FRONT of you, not in front of the group behind you. 

         Here are some points of interest to keep in mind and abide by.  The lowest handicap player in each group or the longest tenure PGT player in the group should be most vocal.  This player should oversee the group and assist with the pace of play, give guidance to rules issues, make sure score cards are signed and returned promptly, and overall be the eyes and ears for PGT administration.  All players in the group however should assist and push everyone to keep up and maintain pace and be aware of their position as courtesy for the Field.  No one person can be fully responsible for anyone but themselves as golf is an individual sport.  

         It is every Players responsibility to “Protect the Field”.  The group can act as a committee on any rules issue that comes up.  Remember to play two balls if a rules question cannot be resolved or you have any doubt.  We will make a rules decision at the scorers table to avoid a DQ.  If there is ANY doubt as to a lost ball off the tee, you MUST declare and hit a provisional ball.  We play READY GOLF at all times.  Even if you are closer to the hole, if you are ready to hit, just announce you will play, and hit.  Be prepared for your upcoming shot. Go to your ball with clubs in hand to avoid walking all around.  Hit your ball then help a fellow competitor look for a potential lost ball.  Don’t sit or stand around when another player is getting ready for their shot, get ready for yours as well.  Please always use proper etiquette however, especially when on the green, but continuous putting until holed out is recommended unless it substantially interferes with another line. This is individual stroke play competition and although the group will play and assist each other, it is ultimately your responsibility for your pace of play.   You WILL DO whatever it takes to keep up the pace or face a penalty or disqualification. Keep in mind that your slow play negatively and directly affects your group as well as all behind you.


SLOW PLAY---NO WAY, will be a motto for the year and beyond.   It’s not a race, but speed does matter.  Everyone in your group is responsible to keep up the pace of play.  You MUST keep up with the group ahead of you or face penalties.  The following will be a PGT local rule that we will enforce this year…You will see a Start Time and End Time on your score card.  The starter will write your group start time of when you actually tee off. If you keep up with the group ahead of you there will never be an issue.  PGT representatives and/or course officials/rangers will have the authority to warn and advise your group if you are out of position.  Please respect this and just keep pace with the group ahead.    The position of the group behind you is of no concern.  At the conclusion of your round, immediately report to the scorers table.  The scorer will write your finish time on your score card. 


YOU MUST HAVE AN END TIME DOCUMENTED ON YOUR CARD BY THE SCORER WITHIN 18 MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS GROUP.  A player who has a documented finish time more than 18 minutes from the previous group will receive a two stroke penalty unless the round time is less than the recommended maximum round time for that course.  Additional penalties may also be enforced (see below).  The group must come to the scoring table directly and promptly after their round to verify and sign score cards in the presence of the scoring or rules official.  The actual signatures on the cards are not required within 18 minutes as there could be a rules question, but the players themselves must be checked in within 18 minues of the group ahead of them.

PGT will review any special circumstance, gather information, and interview players before penalizing. 


If a player or group is warned on the course for being out of position, and they do not attempt to catch up, or do not make progress in catching up when they know or should know they are behind, and are still over 18 minutes behind at the end of the round, the PGT may withhold HALF of any monies won during that round as a first motivation and subsequent harder penalties for future violations.  Prior to the end of your round if significantly out of position, you may be "put back" into position.  This obviously could DQ you from the tournament for missed holes, or you may get DQ based on overall time behind.  Final decision of the Committee is for the best interest of the Field and the PGT in general because pace of play is the number one complaint over the years.  Pace of play along with proper etiqute is also the number one thing courses look at when deciding to honor our future requests for tournaments and invitations back to clubs.