Scoring details to PGT Qualifiers

The package itself is a large and expensive prize, therefore it needs to be earned. We also need to make sure it is given to the player who is going to use it. Most importantly it has to be a fair but challenging competition. We want this sponsor to stay with us for years to come and continue to offer similar packages.  There will be three PGT qualifiers and the top 8 winning the prizes.  In addition to playing in the three qualifiers, any winner must play in an additional minimum of three regular PGT events to win the prize.  Winners of the top two places must be a second year or more PGT member.  All others are eligible for the remaining 6 places.
2013 Prize List:
1st--WAC tournament entry, week at Sheraton Convention Center, $50 gift card, weeklong rental car
2nd--WAC tournament entry, $100 gift card, week rental car
3rd--WAC and rental car for week
4th--WAC tournament entry
5th--$400 off entry
6th--$300 off entry
7th--$200 off entry
8th--$100 off entry

Even if you have already registered for the World am and you win a place, you will be reimbursed.
 The 8 players who play the best golf over the course of the 3 qualifiers will be rewarded. We want to make sure there is the least possible chance of a tie. We want to make it challenging enough to earn the spot. Three PGT tournaments will be set as qualifiers TBD, one per month starting in May so details of the winners and plans can be made for the WAC in August.  Each venue is different and a nice mix to reward that golfer who plays the best over the course of all three. Having three events lowers the chance of a rain out or cancelled event and if an event is cancelled we would use a two event total score.
In order to make sure we know who is truely interested in competing for and using this prize, you must also then sign up for and play in all three qualifying events to score the lowest combined net total.
We will have information about this Championship event at each of the qualifiers and will answer all questions before the first event.
Good luck to all those participating. Play your best golf all the way through, stick with it and don't give up.

THIS PRIZE IS NON-TRANSFERABLE (once the winners accept the prize and their names are submitted, they are locked in) If a player wins a package but cannot go, it will be given to the next player in order. Any total score tie will be broken by playoff at the last qualifier.

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