2019 National Tour Challenge RESULTS

Chicago wins the 3 day team competition followed by Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Boston.
Click on the link below to view all 3 days results 
PGT players won the following in the 3 day individual competition....
Player--Flight--Finish--Amount won
Dan Rieg--C--1st place--$550
Joe Hetrick--C--2nd place--C--$370
Donna McClymonds--C--3rd place--$260
Joe Fedor--C--7th place--$140
Mike Sobocinski--D--3rd place--$280
Gary McClymonds--D--T4--$190
Bernie Bible--D--8th place--$120
Any daily side game money not collected by players will be added into your PGT account.
The above prize purse money will also be added into your accounts.