Totteridge, Sunday, 2023 Tour Championship Day 2 Results, PCS #20---Oct 1, 2023

Totteridge--Results and Payouts--Day 2 Tour Championship 2023 
Tees Played----par 72
PGT yellow tournament tee--72.6/132 @ 6500 yards--default tees for all players (post hole by hole to blue tees in the GHIN data base)
PGT teal tournament tee--70.2/128 @ 6150 yards--players authorized by the Handicap Committee (post hole by hole to white tees in the GHIN data base)
NOTE--All the following games were optional with payouts to players who entered them (daily net score and daily skins game)
Flight A Payouts--$205-$145-$110-$75
Position--Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Actual Payout
1st--Nick Sabol--76 (69)--$205 
T2--Dave Pulaski--79 (70)--$110 
T2--Dave Zamperini--79 (70)--$110 
T2--Dewayne Tuthill--75 (70)--$110 

Flight B Payouts--$200-$140-$105-$70
Position--Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Actual Payout
1st--Rob Daum-- 81 (70)--$200 *won on cardoff handicap 1 hole #4
2nd--John Ramsbotham-- 82 (70)--$140
3rd--Brian Gostic-- 81 (71)--$105
4th--Tom Cherny-- 87 (72)--$70

Flight C Payouts--$190-$130-$100-$60
Position--Player--Gross Score (Net Score)--Actual Payout
1st--Dan Kestner--93 (72)--$190 
T2--Mike Clemens--93 (73)--$115
T2--Wes Strom--93 (73)--$115

4th--Red Smith--96 (74)--$60

Flight A Gross and Net Skins -- 9 at $54 each  
# of skins won--Player--Total amount won
2--Tony Brovey--$108
2--James McFadden--$108
1--Bill Byerly--$54
4--Nick Sabol--$216

 Flight B Gross and Net Skins -- 13 at $37 each 
# of skins won--Player--Total amount won
1--Joe Hetrick--$37
2--Jim Frantti--$74

1--Jeff Olander--$37
2--John Ramsbotham--$74 
1--Joe Fedor--$37
3--Brian Gostic--$111
1--Tom Cherny--$37
2--Jim Ezick--$74

Flight C Gross and Net Skins -- 8 at $52 each 
# of skins won--Player--Total amount won
2--Don Keller--$104
2--Ed Orr--$104

2--Pat Petit--$104
1--John Glomb--$52
1--Dan Kestner--$52
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